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A chain shop Metro is 200 metres from the apartments. You can also do shopping in the Ceneo supermarket. To reach the supermarket, take a taxi – it will cost 15 Egyptian pounds (about 6zl) one way. Metro offers similar goods to the ones in Ceneo, however slightly more expensive. Abu Ashra is another chain shop selling good quality products at reasonable prices.
Near Samra Bay there is a restaurant as well as private shops which sell fresh milk, bread, cottage cheese, meat, fish and eggs (goods that go bad fast are packaged in sterile packaging) as well as specially ordered goods (e.g. bread or wine).
The cost of food for two people for the period of two weeks equals approximately 1000 Egyptian pounds (about 450-500zl).

Samra Bay is a Hotel Resort located near Golden Mile in the new part of Hurghada. It is located directly at the private beach as well as a promenade which is known for its great restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, and shopping centres.
The apartments are located next to the beach with a unique natural lagoon. The area is full of gardens; a 5-star spa hotel and a fitness club are situated there as well. Luxurious fittings and large terraces guarantee that it is the best place to live and rest.


We offer you to stay in the most prestigious part of Hurghada.
Attractive location at the Sheraton Road right at the Red Sea coast will guarantee unforgettable memories. The sea with a beautiful lagoon and coral reef gives an opportunity to rest actively – you can either go swimming or diving.
The elderly can enjoy a sandy beach with deckchairs. The hotel also has illuminated swimming pools for both adults and children. For those who crave fun and thrill, there are aquaparks with slides and other water attractions in the nearby hotels.
The nearby area is full of luxurious boutiques, as well as small shops and supermarkets.
There are a cash machine and currency exchange machine in the hotel. The chemist’s is opposite the hotel.
You can reach any place you want by taxi. Taxis in Hurghada drive 24 hours a day.


Egyptians take advantage of two seas and their seafood. Many restaurants in Hurghada offer various kinds of fish (including the colourful ones which you see while snorkelling or diving in the Red Sea). Shrimps, clams, squids, lobsters, and crabs, either fried or grilled, are much cheaper than in other parts of the world. Fish restaurants in Hurghada include: Fish House (opposite the Regina Style hotel), El Mina, El Joker (both marked on the map), Star Fish in Sakalla, Sardina in Marina.
You can try traditional Egyptian food in the following restaurants: Summer House (the Sea Gull hotel, at the back of the Costa café), El Arabi (near the Sea Gull hotel, right across the street), Sphinx in Marina.
The nightlife starts at 11p.m. The most attractive places to have fun are:
Star Bar
New Marina in Hurghada near the roundabout with a Mermaid. On Wednesdays and Thursdays you can listen to live music (well-known covers). During the day great Italian restaurant which offers the best pizza in Hurghada! The parties start at 9 p.m. and last until 3 a.m.
The next new place to visit in Hurghada: a beautiful port, resembling the one in El Gouna, with lots of bars, restaurants, and cafés. You can find there, among others,: FRIENDS BAR, Papas Bar, The Lodge, Shade, Star Bar.
The Marina is located in Sakalla.
Little Buddah – the most expensive disco in Hurghada in the Sindbad hotel. The minimum entrance fee is 100 Egyptian pounds. On Wednesdays women enter the disco for free.
Calypso – mainly Egyptian-Russian disco; entrance fee approximately 70 Egyptian pounds, one drink included. It is located near the Roma hotel.
Hard Rock Cafe – a restaurant, bar, disco. Women enter the place for free on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Sundays you buy one drink, you get two. It is located near the Grand Resort hotel.